Amsterdam or bust

Kris and I wind up in this empty airport in Ashford, England on our way to Amsterdam.

Our only exit (the metal gates that open to let us on a airport train) was sealed off and will not open. We grew nervous about missing our flight when a strange voice booms out of the overhead speakers.

“Pick up the red phone to your right”

We look around wondering if this voice is actually talking to us.  Confused, we pick up the phone and are directed on how to exit this maze.

We felt like we were in a James Bond movie when a man in a suit came to personally pick us up and take us to our flight!


Recommend The Bulldog Hotel, where a cute cafe is attached.  It is central to the city and offers plenty of…munchies.  I’m very new to this hostel thing, but are complimentary check-in condoms a thing?!


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The food was some of the best I’ve tasted.  Then again everything tastes better on vacation. The atmosphere along the canal was lively and bustling.


We rented bikes and explored the city. I lost track of how many windmills were there.


I have never seen such a bike-friendly city. Here is not only a commute, but a way of life. It was so easy to get around and amazing to see the amount of bikers taking back the streets.  Not only did we had our own lane, but there were multiple lanes; a bikers highway and dream.


The Red Light district was as intriguing as it was sad.  While I was aware the women (and men) chose this life style of support from the government, I empathized what it felt like to be treated like an object.  Once I realized it was a job as any other, it became easier to understand.


Walked about the city and enjoyed all the finest things it had to offer.  We got to meet up with my good friend, and Mississippi brother, Grafton. This man is someone you want to meet in a foreign destination. His laughter is not only contagious, but his soft, respectful demeanor allows you to not feel judged, even if you are kicking trash cans in the ally at midnight.

The trip was short, but worth it!  Looking forward to the next long weekend in Scotland.

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