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Alaska was awesome, but returning home-made me anxious for all my future endeavors.  I currently have $1500 and a one-way trip to NZ.  My goal is to leave with $3000USD so l can convert it to $380NZD.  Is 3,800 going to be enough to survive for a year in a foreign country. hmm I don’t know;  I have just as much knowledge about this as Bin Laden does with U.S. Military operations…too soon?

I’ve been picking up the most RANDOM things for money this month.  Due to graduation, I know my current job on campus would terminate me by May 13th, but I didn’t realize I would have less hours my last two weeks as a student worker…so I’m no longer expecting a paycheck.  I will continue to sell more stuff, but with that being said I have replied to the following ads on Craigslist:

As you can see… the last two are clearly desperate cries of monetary needs. But the good news is I have landed 5 of those posted items (Don’t worry…I’m not shaving cats YET) and never thought I could make money for buying a photo frame and pizzazzing it up through the use of arts and crafts.

Time to research a bit about New Zealand…any last minutes items I should pick and and where I will go after the airport.

Am I the only one who thinks the word pizzazzing sounds like a stack of pizzas?

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