I am selling my car, computer, some clothes and anything else I find a hassle. This does not mean I will be going nude or anything…just going to pack away the rest of my belongings in 5 simple plastic containers. The two things I cannot sell or save: My queen tempurpedic bed will go to my brother, and my phone will attempt to make its way across seas so I can use it for the built-in-camera (I am still cutting service this month)

so like CAKE would say – “No phone noo phoneeee hum huum humm something else”.

Half of all proceeds from these previous investments will go toward my travel fund, and the other half will go into a one year certificate of deposit to use for when I return to the US with nothing.

Bank CD’S ARE AMAZING – I have already opened up a previous CD for anticipating students loans in December; this will thankfully give me an extra 6-9 months to travel without worries.  Not to mention, I would hate to go to NZ and pay $200 ($253 NZD) a month only to waste about $400 on the lame currency exchange system.

On a side note… I am going to miss old Silas – my 2001 manual Honda civic.  While KBB value claims he is worth a mere $2500, I am surprised to find that people are responding to my $5000 offer.  Guess my car is worth more in this economy due to:

  • Bin Laden’s death and the increase of oil per barrel (thank you?)
  • the manual style of my car which allows it to use less gas
  • the recent effects of Japans tsunami and the idea that Honda plants will be shutting down and not producing as many awesome cars for the future. (Not as politically correct to say thank you for this one…)

GOODBYE dear honda…it has been a great two years of trouble we got into. Looks like I will be saving more than half of this profit (I consider a car bought for $5500 in 2009 and sold for $900 less in 2011 a profit – small depreciation value – another reason I am a honda fan…)  I have reached my goal money-wise…but why stop now?  I am still working as a house maid for this nice family 3 times a week and being car less is NOT going to stop me.  Looks like I will be biking 5-10 miles m-w-f. Exercise is good. Killing two kias birds with one stick (NZ would be so proud of me).  Speaking of New Zealand…I need to figure out my first spot after the airport and any last minute things!


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