Capital Government here I come.

So turns out there is always something waiting for you around the corner.  While leaving the comfortable life of the farm, I knew the capital city of Wellington was calling my name.

I found it overwhelming to start up again by living in a hostel for a few days until I sorted out accommodation, however it was necessary.  After many flat viewings I stumbled upon a lovely group of people in a local suburb and moved in ASAP!

Once my housing was sorted I felt at ease to visit the library for full use of their free internet.  From there I applied to many temping agencies, such as Madison, GBL and two others.  It is best to have more people scouting jobs for you.  While I was going through interviews I also kept my eye out for pub jobs and any other part-time work.

As many things in life do, I was in a period of waiting, JUST SOLID WAITING, for a few days-weeks which made me nervous.  I wasn’t so much worried about money but rather what the fresh heck to do with all my time!  Finally got the call on my first assignment and was relieved to make use of my skills if only for 3 days.

While temping that first month I also got a call back about a pub in town, so I took on an extra part-time job after my 9-5 job.  The temping jobs were nice, however I was working 3 days a week and wanting something more stable.  The second stable job allowed me to feel confident that I would always be able to pay rent at least.  Then finally heard back from another temping agency about a longer contract job at the Department of Corrections, and I took it in a heartbeat…well after I went through two interviews and five weeks of waiting to hear results.  Temping is not an easy process for the impatient and desperate!

So here I am working for the New Zealand government.  It is full of criminals and stories I wouldn’t dream to re-live, let a lone live initially.  No joke, I couldn’t sleep for the first week of working here…I just kept waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares about people breaking into my house and hurting me.  Despite all the sick stories it was good to know not as many people were getting hurt from guns and there were some good initiatives to help rehabilitate offenders.  There is a lot to learn about people and the mentally impaired and hopefully some issues and solutions can be brought to light.

Oh and biggest benefit about working in New Zealand is I am making at least double the amount of a college graduate in the States during this particular economic period and I am able to save 80% of my paychecks right now; my rent is relatively cheap, I eat noodles and eggs, and my pub job keeps me from drinking too much in town.  Don’t know what I’m saving up for but always good to save what you can when you can!  Did I mention the coffee is AMAZING here?  Really. America is doing it all wrong.

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