Thought 1: Coffee

Okay there has been some time elapsed since the many posts. Let me be the first to blame it on coffee.  A surprisingly good substance that when used fluently, doesn’t work at all.

I am convinced New Zealand is the coffee capital of the WORLD! Best drip/pour/filter/whatever you want to call this magic. period. I have been experimenting with different types of coffee because I hate ordering the same thing due to lack of knowledge, but also hate ordering something outside the box and regretting not sticking to the usual.

Easy steps to becoming a coffee connoisseur:

  1. mocha-chino please – you are new at this whole coffee thing and typically treat yourself with a soda or something sweet – go ahead, stick with the familiar chocolate, it won’t bite
  2. cappuccino, thanks – you are getting the feel of the game and want to ween yourself off the chocolate by moving forward to the bitter taste – go ahead, enjoy that cocoa sprinkle
  3. cappuccino, with cinnamon – You sound like you know what you want instead of going with the standard cocoa sprinkle…still got a nice flavour while evolving to that bitter taste adults are trained to love. * HIGHLY recommend asking for a caramel shot when having a bad day for an amazing cup of joy that could potentially inflict pain on your boss
  4. flat white – a simple choice that says you appreciate good coffee,  but your head is not too far up your bum
  5. piccolo – you can tell the difference between skim and burnt milk, and you want people to know you are important, because in this scenario, size does not equal power.

Did you enjoy that as much as I did?  Don’t worry people, I am still on the cappuccino with cinnamon…it was practically yesterday that I stopped calling it a CUP-o-chino so don’t stress too much.

So my life update:

  • who – I met a kiwi guy about 6 months ago and am surprisingly in a relationship and living with him – even flew to Australia with him to meet his mum
  • what – am I doing with my life? I work in a small office that oversees travel agencies, while staying involved in hobbies such as drinking coffee, coaching American Cheerleading into a commonwealth country, acting in short films and putting a stop to my musical/band career (YOU’RE WELCOME).
  • when – yes, it has been over a year.  Funny, I did not expect to stay this long, but I image I will blow onto another continent soon…
  • where – Wellington, New Zealand in this sweet loft central city
  • WHY? – I still ask myself. Suppose I am happy for the time being so that is enough.

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