Thought 3: Appreciate

I really don’t know what I want this post to be…just needed an excuse to use that AWESOME image.

Thanksgiving is around the corner…like today but technically tomorrow because I live in the future now.

I have been trying to thank of everything I am grateful this year, starting with cats.

  1. Happy that 3 members of my immediate family have made their way over to this beautiful country and stepped outside their boundaries
  2. Happy to hold a descent job instead of stressing about what temp agency I am going to work on any given day
  3. Happy to share my present experiences with someone who knows “NZ Jen” pretty well – who needs to know “US Jen” anyways? Hard to explain but once you leave point A to get to point B, all the strangers in point B know you as someone different than point A because we are constantly evolving…sometimes I just want someone who knows all my stages, but maybe that isn’t possible.
  4. Happy to live in a world of technology where I can still find out the latest gossip in my American friends lives’
  5. I am wealthy, healthy, and happy to be living (almost) every day to the fullest

What are you grateful for? It appears I am going to be staying in this country for another year, which I am certainly excited for! The immigration process isn’t too bad. Going to stay positive during all these transitions. Give me another nine months and I’ll be forced to make a life-changing decision.

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