Thought 3: Appreciate

I really don’t know what I want this post to be…just needed an excuse to use that AWESOME image.

Thanksgiving is around the corner…like today but technically tomorrow because I live in the future now.

I have been trying to thank of everything I am grateful this year, starting with cats.

  1. Happy that 3 members of my immediate family had made their way over to this beautiful country and stepped outside their boundaries
  2. Happy to hold a descent job instead of stressing about what temp agency I am going to work with today
  3. Happy to share my present experiences with someone who knows “NZ Jen” pretty well – hard to explain in to words but once you leave point A to get to point B, all the strangers in point B know you for someone totally different than point A because they witness a new phase of your life and maturity… thoughts?
  4. Happy to live in a world of technology where I can still find out the latest gossip in my American friends lives’
  5. Happy to be healthy, alive and living (almost) every day to the fullest

What are you grateful for?  Staying positive will come in handy when you are forced to make a life-changing decision.

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