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So lately I have been getting messages from random people asking how I fled America so I figured I would just put it all up here. Also going through the immigration process again this year, so this should be fun…

OKAY TIME TO START THE REVOLUTION! Not really, but I strongly encourage anyone to leave the comfort of their own bubble, if just for a year – you will be SO SURPRISED as to how much you learn and grow.  I find it so sad how our American mentality is restricted to exploring the 50 states and all the Grand Canyon has to offer – I mean come on people, how are we going to appreciate our lives without stepping outside and comparing it to others? On that note, here is some IMMIGRATION 101

The common wealth countries are funny -all having some strict guidelines and paperwork.  Seeing as I love loop holes and about every system has one – I would consider New Zealand to be the giant loop hole that Queen Elizabeth missed along the process.  Now I hope in posting this on the WORLD WIDE WEB that Immigration NZ won’t crack down on their laws…

Oh I supposed you are wondering how I managed to stay over a year in NZ – I should add that there is a three step process to citizenship in NZ – 1) one year work visa 2) 2-5 years residency 3) apply for citizenship

You can choose to extend your holiday scheme if someone sponsors you – work or partner. Keep in mind if a job sponsors you then you will only be eligible to work in that specific field while you are living in NZ.  The residency process can take up to six months and involves way more paperwork, including a full medical check and up to $1000 in administration/hospital fees.  Let’s worry about that mole-hill when it comes…until then working on perfecting the perfect travel basics.

There are no foreign lands, just foreign pillows.  

Speaking of that…I have some serious decisions to make.

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