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Travel Basics

While it seems easy to throw some crap in a bag and hit the road, it is better to prepare in order to avoid annoying circumstances when you are sitting in a hostel, frantically searching your bag and realize you have nothing to wear.

While I may be facing another big move, I am organizing for the time being. After throwing together my small closet, this is what I found came in handy while travelling in New Zealand.

There was a science to all this madness, and although this took a month to think about, it will probably be altered once more before I leave.  KEEP IN MIND:

  1. your bottoms are the same solid color (with the mix of a denim, colored, or print pair of jeans)
  2. you have some solid matching color tops for accessories
  3. stick with one major color theme (purple was my choice) and a minor accent color when you get bored (unless you absolutely want the garment)
  4. a travel silk liner is more useful than a sleeping bag if you are planning on staying in hostels/hotels/apartments, otherwise go with the outdoor sleeping bag
  5. the microfiber towel does not have to be the normal size of a towel – aim for a smaller towel since it dries quick
  6. Your toilette bag is going to weigh the most. Try to keep it to a minimum.  This Kathmandu bag is handy because it can hang in the shower! More on toilette stuff to come…
  7. Accessories are going to be your biggest friend.  Your clothing is boring so the cheap costume jewelry can make up for it (by costume jewelry I mean you should NOT bring expensive nice things) don’t overload though because you will want to buy stuff along the way!

Other basic outfits for office or trips!

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