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Singapore is nocturnal

First leg of my six month trip, and I can’t help but feel terrified as I walk these streets alone.

While I didn’t change time zones drastically coming from New Zealand, I can’t seem to sleep. My mind is racing with anxiety and a surge of excitement. It started with me wandering to the downstairs of the hostel – I felt safe regardless of what time it was.

However I quickly realized this city never sleeps. There is always a quiet hum of informal business about the air.

Can’t say that I like it, can’t say that I hate it. All I know is I really should not have brought any gum in my carry on. Apparently the fines are pretty serious if that trash is found on the streets.

This part of the adventure is pretty tame…l start to adjust better by hot pots in Kuala Lumpur and especially when I dive right into Thailand.

Arab Quarter, Singapore
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