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Thai Hippie Commune

So after passing through Singapore for three days and Kuala Lumpur, I somehow ended up in a hippie commune.  See, I’m doing this cool new thing where I don’t plan my next destination, just meet people and go with the flow.  By just saying “why not?” to travelers on my path I have been to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia where I went on a sweet jungle hike and tea plantations, and even got a taste of Singapore where places like Little India and Arab Quarter are extremely different to western worlds.  So by being open-minded when talking to people, and I talk to A LOT of people since I am travelling alone, I am able to say “sounds cool, I’m in”.

What started as a rough idea of going with a UK and American couple that teaches English in Ipoh to the place where the big Full Moon Party on Ko Pha-Ngan, turned into taking an extra boat trip toward a secret island where people are greeted with ginger juice, practice yoga at all hours of the day, have temples for zen-thinkers and meditation evenings where people can stay quite only to get it all out of their system an hour later by drinking into all hours of the morning.  Everything has a communal feel to it except instead of picking fruit and earning our keep, we simply pay 300baht for a dorm bed.  That is like $10usd so not too bad when you are going through Thailand.

Don’t know how long I can last through all the eastern ideals, but so far this place called The Sanctuary seems to draw some strangely laid back people who have a balanced and centered life, and if I don’t wish to participate in practices I can always jump in the ocean for a clean, refreshing Thai swim.  Mmmm.  Thai. time for dinner.

I met this really cool Norwegian girl named Katrine, and together we are thinking about exploring the islands, and ultimately the Elephant Sanctuary outside Chiang Mai!

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