My bags are packed I’m ready to go

I left NYC and am in limbo until further notice. Let the packing and prepping commence!

It’s been some time since I have really paid attention to this blog. Came to the conclusion I only address it when I’m traveling, and it’s been some time since my last major journey.

Left that black hole we call NYC sometime in February. Felt so good to wave goodbye to the statue on my bus ride out. Funny thing about the city, it really does have a way of trying to keep you there…once I left I received a job offer (somewhere I interviewed almost 6 months prior) and a couple side projects. I declined the desk job and took the remote work, because why not. The weeks leading up to the trip are mainly to focus on my children’s book project, but extra income wouldn’t hurt.

So here I am almost two months later in Columbus, Ohio. I never would have dreamed of moving out to this city, but life has a way of pushing you in all sorts of directions. It has been a place to reset, and learn how to breathe again. The city got too complicated with all the pain and hurt I carried around those crowded streets. I even found time to visit the family in Texas, while trying to sorts out many of my life grievances.

Now I sit, pack, prep, wait, repeat. For someone as independent as myself, it can feel very unsettling waiting on someone else. Your future is in their hands and I’ve learned you need a serious amount of trust to not resent them for the limbo.

This year has been extremely pivotal for me in many aspects; career, religion, relationships. Something special about this trip that I would like to point out…is that for once someone has not only expressed BUT FOLLOWED through with traveling with me. All these years going solo have built up to this and I am grateful for it 🙂

This is what I have for the 9 week trip through jungles and waterfalls. 

Going to miss these sunsets. Then again I have high hopes for moving to Denver when I return…get it? My body seems to sense change is coming again and I find it comical that it still hasn’t given in. Few more days to go and I will be like a fish in water!

Side note: my brother told me about this great GPS device called SPOT – going to put it to the test during this trip to make sure I don’t stay smuggled with drug lords too long. Until then, bienvenidos, Argentina!

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