First stop, Buenos Aires

Landed in the city of good air, otherwise known as the “Paris of the South” and now I see why!

This city is gorgeous yet a bit cautious as you watch locals carry backpacks in front of their chest as to not get mugged. There is more greenery than I have seen before; everyone seems to have a balcony full of palm trees, climbing vines and potted flowers.

Spent most of our time walking around enjoying the old baroque architecture, loading up on Dulce de Leche gelato and finding good quality red carne. Argentina is known for their leather, wine and meat, however I was not expecting the strips of steak to be so huge! Learned a lot about this unique city; it was founded in 1880 by Spain and Italy, a woman named Eva Perón is pretty much the princess Dianna of Argentina and her body (which was kidnapped by government and abused in Italy for 16 years) is buried in one of the top 10 cemeteries in the world, every Thursday there is a “mothers march” to protest the missing citizens, there are plenty of inappropriate statues, unverisities are free here, and I’ve seen more dog walkers in three days than the 3 and a half years living in New York City.

My Spanish is getting better too! The more words I learn the more confident I feel speaking more than just broken sentences. Jake is a good teacher, correcting my structure with his infinite infinitive wisdom. Also hate to be the first to bring it to your attention Buenos Aire but for such a progressive country…your coffee kinda sucks. Perhaps I will have better luck in Uruguay.

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