6 Week Asia Budget

Dear Asia,

It’s been less than a week away from your humid, sticky climates and I already miss your 20 BAHT pai thai’s (people this is under 70c!) and happy, yet aggressively sales-pitchy people… you treated me so well, allowing me to meet life-long friends along the way, and even surprised me by having those same friends send me off at the end of my trip.

You taught me that the world is small enough to meet a Dutch guy, say farewell as I head to another country, then two weeks later realize I’ve been travelling with his sister who has been talking about him the entire time (no it wasn’t a clear connection but a funny twist of fate!).

You showed me that souls can experience something incredibly tragic, and somehow move forward and make the most of their life with the things surrounding them.

You helped me close certain doors of my past, and even opened new doors, telling me “it’s okay, trust me, step forward”.

Words, photos, numbers, drawings, songs and faces cannot describe everything you did for me in those six weeks, but as promised, below are some figures to describe how do-able this trip is and hopefully can help some other lost soul with a travel bug plan their next personal trip.

WEEK 1 $500 ATM singapore [200MYR, 7000BAHT, 1,600,000DONG] *Singapore has great rates so I purchased a small amount of everything ahead of time
WEEK 1 $250 ATM Malaysia [700MYR]
WEEK 2 $350 ATM Thailand [10,000BAHT]
WEEK 3 $150 flight from Phuket to Chiang Mai
WEEK 3 $450 ATM Chiang Mai [12,000BAHT]
WEEK 4 $100 ATM Laos [300,000KIP]
WEEK 4 $150 ATM Laos [520,000KIP]
WEEK 5 $200 ATM Cambodia [200USD/800RIEL]
WEEK 6 $2500 Thailand Hospital [115,000BAHT] OPTIONAL…
*********$91 not included costs***********
GRAND TOTAL: $2241 USD *not including optional laser eye surgery

Asia Route

This trip isn’t over yet. Next stop, Europe!

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