A Beautiful Bali Wedding

It’s not often that your friend has a destination wedding, but when they do, BALI.

The breathe-taking scenery of Bali, Indonesia is just what one needs to break away from the humid city life.  This trip was unlike any other, because it was plotted, with people I already knew, and actually had an agenda.  If you are looking for resources, I cannot tell you, because for once, I didn’t have a budget 😉

What I can tell you:


You can bribe the airlines in Jakarta for an upgrade, and it will only cost you .50 cents.


Nothing can ever define the amount of love in true friendship


No amount of money can convince a Balinese to strip, however if you read the fine line details of their job description, you can cleverly work out a perfect scenario.


Traditions are beautiful, and more meaningful when you understand the purpose behind them.


Gili Backpackers does not allow refunds for upgrading to an amazing resort, but that’s okay.


You can get anywhere by bike in Gili.


Bali puppies are afraid of boats…but love turtles


Whatever you do, don’t take the shake, a shake, or any shake.


Your trip never goes as planned…it is always somehow better than what you expect.


Just because you have a receipt for a boat, does not mean you have a receipt for that boat.


Japanese airport showers are just as cute as the long plane ride home.

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