Getting Elevated in Colorado

Well the adventure is officially wrapped up and we are making our way to Denver, Colorado. Another city that I have never been but just had a gut feeling that I would like. Cuba was a great close, especially with talks of direct flights slowing down just after Obamas administration opened them up in 2017.

Had a lot of time to reflect in these past days of transition and I am really excited to plant roots somewhere again. Something tells me this new city will combine my love of nature from New Zealand, with my design drive from New York, and hopefully a loving family-like community that Texas gave me from the beginning. I have all these ideas bouncing through my mind, and while I want to hit the ground running, I have done this rehabilitate into society thing a couple of times to know that it will take many grueling months of job and housing security. Luckily with age and experience, I am finally able to embrace the darkness of not knowing where my next paycheck will arrive or when I will be able to unpack these boxes. Some in storage for five years now! While I am very grateful for the opportunities to live a temporary nomadic lifestyle, I am equally anticipating the stable routine of being locked-down. I can’t explain this pathetic need to be on a constant roller coaster, however I am hoping that Denver will help me find balance to it all.

On that note – my bags are still packed I’m ready to go… stuffed it all into a u-haul

wait, does the word u-haul defy english grammar, because “an” sounded too foreign…?  Anyway, mapped out the drive from Dayton, Ohio to Denver, Colorado, and secured a short-term sublet in Capital Hill. So we are basically doing this.

Bring on the next leg of the journey!

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