Browsing through website after website dreaming of the day I leave this country it suddenly occurred to me …I CAN. With graduation approaching, the most acceptable and rewarding thing I can imagine doing with my future is postponing it.  So here I am, bored at my 9-5 office job on campus applying for other jobs. Don’t act like you haven’t done this before…

I believe studying abroad in Europe this past summer really opened my eyes to the mysteries of other cultures.

Which is what also led me to my next conclusion: my one expectation of myself in life is to visit every continent (which, with the exception of Antarctica, should be very do-able).  I figured I could start in the lower right-hand corner, so I am looking into visas in Australia and New Zealand.  Australia’s carefree attitude has always been a reason to visit and New Zealand was lightly thrown in the air because the visas are FREE! & WE ALL KNOW HOW WE FEEL ABOUT FREE THINGS…

Reading tips about traveling I am learning a lot…especially about forms I will have to fill out; work and holiday visas, tax-id numbers, RSA certifications for serving alcohol if I need to waitress, health insurance…Good thing I am only taking 12 hours my last semester because I will have a lot more time on my hands doing a Tuesday-Thursday internship, part-time on campus job, independent study and two classes on Monday-Wednesdays.  These next couple of months are going to pass so quickly – wish me luck on getting everything together!!!

“The hourglass of life ticks away and the dreadful squirm of wasted time will soon morph into eager butterflies”

Now to prep for tax season, get rid of my stuff, and realize set backs will occur.

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