I am a systematic, fuss budget, obsessively compulsive freak. IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. The season in which MOST NORMAL people dread; TAX SEASON.

I find it strange that I most likely have more enthusiasm and passion for tax preparation than an accountant. Numbers are one of the few things that make sense to me.  So when I received my w-2 today, I found time at work to access both campus websites (where I had already set up user names in December) and began!

$1,259I love finding new deductions each year-makes me feel like a secret agent of monetary means.

tips for young TAX PAYERS:

  • deduct away. if you donated a computer to goodwill or anything else over $500 to charity, make sure you grab a receipt from the company!
  • stuck with student loans? they suck…but when it comes to taxes, they have a benefit.  I didn’t realize this until junior year of college, but you can claim an extra $1000 for these loans by using the hope credit or now known as the american opportunity credit.  Do it.  You will thank yourself later.
  • e-pins suck.  If you can do anything, try to keep that lil number on file.  You will save yourself some stress the next year when your tax return doesn’t get rejected using the wrong pin
  • turbo tax can be a free and awesome tool IF you only plan on filing a 1040 easy.  When applying for other credits you will have to use a different tax form. By going to you can print out each form that fits you.

This money (along with the new scholarship I received for a leadership program) will go into my ‘forget the 9-5 office job until my pocket-book can no longer stay together’ fund.  Speaking of investments, my boyfriend casually mention that I should apply for a holiday visa in New Zealand the other day.  Although we already knew we would be traveling, it feels good to know he wants me along.  TOO much of a girls’ perspective?

Well that is all. I’m learning to breathe regardless of minor set backs. Time to get back to this so-called ‘job’ of mine. Maybe I’ll draw more blueprints of my future $25,000 tree house mansion…should be easy since I am selling all of my stuff and finding odd jobs on Craigslist.

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