Life’s little plans can be overwhelming when time is a factor.

  • Alaska: April 26
  • Finals: May 10 & 12
  • graduation: May 13
  • 22nd birthday: May 19
  • Auckland, NZ: June 7!

I am still saving money for departure – I got paid through my internship the other week. If that wasn’t exciting enough, I also received my FIRST scholarship through the housley leadership program I was participating in.  I am half way there…now all I can do is pray I will make the other half within this month.

Doesn’t help when life gets in the way and sets me back…

Turns out that minor head-on collision on my parking lot, the one where my insurance deemed the other driver at fault, and her insurance deemed me at fault… finally came around to a solution; a small yellow paper attached to my door with the three horrific words: SMALL CLAIMS COURT.

With this little set back, I need to build a side income and reduce more baggage!

I know I shouldn’t be scared just because someone is suing me. My insurance should take care of it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be paying out of pocket IF I lose this case.  I just need to keep my head up.  I am convinced timing is everything, and bad things happen in strings of three, because my sister just got into an accident a week ago.  Unlike me though, she wasn’t covered through our insurance because the bills were 2 months behind.  Looks like we are finally forced to leave the nest for good.  I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to use my recent experiences with the courts and insurance to help my sister in this sticky mess.

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