My one year New Zealand working holiday scheme is official!  This trip just became real.I think I’ll apply fora student visa too, just in case I decide I would like to take some language classes.  Speaking of learning another language…I have decided I am going to become QuADRILINGUAL…if not at LEAST cuatingual  I have been using flashcards to write down phrases in each corner of the card- I believe if I ReALLY put my mind to it, I’ll know chunks of descent conversation in Chinese, French, Spanish and German in NO TIME!

With this month almost halfway over, I have little over 3 months to get my stuff straight! There are some simple goals created for this upcoming semester:

  • car, what car? I will be selling my honda (because if not it will rust0 and use that profit to open a CD account to interest while I am away.
  • reduce EVERYTHING in my personal possessions to 3 rectangular plastic tubs, 2 plastic 3-drawer containers, and 1 plastic deep rectangular bin.  If I plan to stoer my clothes, shoes, books, bathroom supplies and room decor all in these 6 containers, then I have A LOT of spring cleaning to do in the near future…
  • consolidate all my finances —this means paying off both my credit cards and making sure I have at least $2000 saved up
  • look into freezing my cell phone for at least a year while I am out of the country (unless it is cheaper to cancel the contract)
  • last but not least- find 7 days worth of various outfits to compact into one medium sized suitcase!

Whoo. Time to breathe, build a side income for extra savings, and reduce MORE baggage. My income taxes will be arriving in my bank account tomorrow, in which I will use to buy a plane ticket later this week with.

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