4 Cheap College Years

This is more for my reference to remember how freaking cheap college and Texas in general was to live in. Rent was affordable, Austin was right up the road for wild weekends, and there was always something for free.

While the cost of College has gradually increased over the years, as it does, I was very fortunate to balance 2-3 jobs to help cut costs while I was in school. Time management was difficult the first year or two, however once I found that campus job I was able to focus more on my studies and even made deans list!

San Marcos Dorms (10 months)
*shared room in all female dorm
6500dorm fee | 60bills | 50gas | 100fun | 50 savings

San Marcos Apartments (11 months)
*OWN bedroom! 3 cool roommates
550rent | 60bills | 50gas | 100fun | 50 savings

San Marcos House (12 months)
*OWN bedroom! 2 fun roommates 
700rent | 60bills | 50gas | 150fun | 100 savings

San Marcos Town home (10 months)
*shared 2 bedrooms with 5 girl 
250rent | 60bills | 50gas | 150fun | 500 savings

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