Why is it that when we are leaving we suddenly realize we need everything?

Less than a week before I leave America for who knows how long.  My blood is channeling through my veins like water through the crack of a glass. Watched videos on how to make a hammock – instead I learned how to make a hamster hammock but I imagine I will just apply the materials on a real life human hammock.


Through watching these videos I was inspired to make some sort of fishing device as a gift for Kris.  I know he wanted to “live off the land” and while I didn’t quite know what that meant, I knew it could be helpful…if it worked.

  1. Purchase small PVC pipe and ends from Home Depot
  2. Attack hook and rod to fishing lure from Bass Pro Shop.
  3. Loop fishing lure over pipe multiple times (100 oughta do)
  4. Stuff extra bait and supplies in bag and shove inside hallow pipe
  5. Congrats, you just made a tiny DIY fishing pole.

I am trying really hard to see friends and family before I go.  Of course it is going to be hard to match schedules with everyone , but I have been surprised at who has slipped out of the radar… I feel as if I have taken enough time to hang out with old and new friends …now I am so ready to just get up. Go. Leave. Never. Look. Back.

Maybe I am eager because I have been sleeping on a couch for the past week and a half, or maybe it is because I have been living out of a suitcase in that amount of time…I imagine a sleeping bag on a couch is totally the same as a sleeping back on the cold, wet ground in the heart of the country. no?

Everything is coming to an end and the thoughts on my mind are having a really hard time stumbling onto the blank pages in front of me.

I bought a 95L backpack today; hope I can fit all my luggage in it – hope it comes in the mail within the next four days. I bought a fire starting piece of flint thinga-ma-bobby today; hope I can figure out how to start a fire without matches or fluid – hope I don’t find myself in the situation in which I need to know how to build my own fire.

I am trying so hard to clear my mind so I can fill it with new life lessons.  I even took a yoga class in 105 degree heat to cleanse my body! Don’t think I’ll be going to bikram yoga for a good while…

Okay…here it goes. Next stop, Auckland, New Zealand!


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