Um, hi New Zealand

Just landed in a city where people say my name funny.

AND DON’T LET THIS PHOTO MISLEAD YOU…as it does NOT look like this right now.

This by far takes the cake on longest flight endured.  At one point I really thought I lost all control of my lower calves.  Yet then I joined the mile high club and knew I was going to be all right.

Auckland, you are a strange, strange place.  You took my DIY fishing pole and inspected it for explosive materials (I realize it DOES look like a pipe bomb, but if it could pass US inspection, why not yours?) and THEN you made me remove my shoes to be washed of all US soil.  Is this a metaphor for something deeper to come? Whatever floats your boat.

I am sitting now in a hostel, grateful this place is one of the few things I researched prior to buying this one-way ticket to the middle of nowhere.  This cold, rainy weather is NOT what I expected for June…somehow I overlooking the idea of changing seasons in different hemispheres and I am really out-of-place with all my tropical clothing.


So ya, it is raining outside. The streets are full of people walking everywhere.  Yet I choose to confine myself in this windowless room where I can gather my chaotic emotions.


I have messaged and written down four numbers and addresses of possible WWOOF hosts, however nobody has picked up their phone.

DAY 3: Feeling scared, hopeless and unsure of what I came here to prove.  At least I have been able to pass some time doing tourist things like base jumping off the Sky Tower near Queen Street and exploring the active volcanic area of One Tree Hill.  I haven’t had much of an appetite, and while I have a nest egg of roughly $6K, I can’t bring myself to spend it.

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