Washington D.C. = Freedom

Three day holiday weekend all over Washington D.C. Sometimes escaping the city means finding yourself in a slightly smaller big city…

Accommodation: Hotel de Pettifer.  Stayed with my friend in Arlington.  She had the apartment to herself so naturally crammed as many people as we could for the long weekend!

Activities: Virginia nightlife, house parties stocked full of BBQ, Nationals baseball game, Petworth brunch, U Street bars, Jumbo & Beats late night pizza, and Freddies Beach Bar brunch

Transport: Bus from NYC -> DC $42 round trip baby! Then tons of uber action…guess the DC trains are not as efficient as NYC

Budget: *Goal $200* Actual $219.06  (food $50, alcohol $40, transport $88.06, activities $41)


The weekend was full of house parties, BBQ’s,


and fireworks.


Caught the Nationals baseball game!  First game I’ve been to and I loved the stadium!


Aw sibling love.


Meet my friend Jen.


Spent the day walking around the gentrified streets of Petworth


Found a raging lawn party – even had balloons.


A patriotic show at the Capital from an apartment balcony in the Navy Yards.


Their stations look so futuristic…IMG_2648 IMG_2657

We pretended we were all on roller coasters to pass the time.


A colorful brunch the next morning, as we cured our extreme hangovers with more alcohol from Freddies Beach bar.


The seating was great, including glitter letters to play scrabble with on the table.  The buffet was more than we could ask for and the mimosa just kept coming!  All for a shocking $21!


So overall it was a fun weekend and just what I needed to remove all stress and filth from the city.  I learned the importance of a good network and now on a mission to find more Texans in NYC!

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