4 Years Rollin in New York City

It is 2am. Packing the rest of my boxes for my fourth (and hopefully final) move in this city…Chinatown, NY has treated me so well – time to give Brooklyn one last try.

Items are slowly disappearing from the apartment as craigslist strangers barter for my personalized and once carefully selected goods. My room is almost as bare as the white walls now.

The unknown ebb of change may be scary, yet I cannot suppress the excitement I feel for moving forward in time. This city has be a a roller coaster of pain and thrills the past three years; I have lost some of the most important people in my life while living in this city, as well as diverged into an enormous career direction.

Year 1:
Inwood, Manhattan (2 nights)
*couchsurfing host who gave me his couch aka recliner hoping I would sleep in his bed
Murry Hill, Manhattan (3 weeks)
*couchsurfing host who also went to school in Texas – rescued me from the above host
Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn (3 months)
*craigslist tenant who secretly put our rent toward his bar and got everyone evicted
Harlem, Manhattan (10 months)
*craigslist roommates who inevitably conned each other to leaving a “bed-bug infested” apartment when in reality they just wanted to move in with their boyfriends

Year 2+3:
Chinatown, Manhattan (1 year 10 months)
*craigslist roommate who held a grudge by pulling my hair upon her exit

*Texan friend of a friend who turned out to be the BEST ROOMMATE EVER

Year 4:
Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn (7 months)
*sticking with my Texan friend because she is AWESOME – however her connection to this four story house turned out to be a bit mentally unstable

850rent | 115subway | 100bills | 250fun | 150student loan | 400 savings

1050rent | 100bills | 200fun | 100student loan | 400 savings

1050rent | 100bills | 300fun | 300student loan | 300 savings

0rent | 100-700 unexpected back-logged bills | 0fun | paid off student loan | everything left goes to savings to get the hell out of this city

At this point I don’t really know what I’m saving for or where I want to go, but I know if I don’t leave this town, I may never make it out.

South America is high on the list these days…

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