Just got off the [*fun] bus and entered a place considerably less addicting than Facebook Farmville…

To be fair, I really did not have expectations when applying for this Au Pair job in Culverden, New Zealand – I mean, watching two adorable toddlers for five hours a day while getting paid $200 a week sounded pretty sweet to me.  The deal is they pay for my food and stay and I save money each week, easy right??


While I love the family, and Purple-Red (the crazy prancing fat family sheep) the country life is not for me…there is too much time on my hands to ponder and not enough busy time.  Not to mention that when I get off work the kids just follow me around anyway…poor mothers, you never get a break do you?

Been exercising some creative learning activities for the kids, which I have to admit entertains me as well, however there is only so much social skills one can gather from a two year old.  I am out of contact with the real world, and while the idea sounds beautiful, I am in dire need of the city.

Funny facts about having massive amount of time on your hands – please confirm that I am not the only one who does this!!!

  • Create lists of who you want to be when you grow up
  • Research more places in the world to travel to
  • Read conspiracy theories and begin to think your life is a lie
  • Prepare your last will & testament on excel spreadsheet so it is super easy for your family to take your money and personal belongings.
  • Google the coolest jobs in the world and take pity on yourself

Looking into jobs in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital…will keep you updated.

In the meantime, these cool people are keeping me occupied and learning other languages in exchange for Texas hold’em tutorials.

*oh hey, you remembered to look for this…Ya they call it the f*ck bus.

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