Hello 2015.

So it has been well over a year living in New York City and I have learned many things over the past months. Whether through my life lessons, or watching others around me, these are some of the common concerns from NYC:


  • Do not sit in the corners of the subways – that is where the homeless sleep and pee
  • Do not whip your hair back and forth in front of someone’s face on the subway – that is when they get cray cray
  • It doesn’t matter where you live in the city, if you are taking the subway home past midnight, it will take forever.
  • In fact, take a break from the subway if possible; the fresh air above ground will be useful for your lungs and phone service


  • When apartment hunting, just because you found a room doesn’t mean you found a roommate and visa versa
  • Be skeptical of roommates you find on Craigslist
  • Be skeptical of apartments that have rents lower than $1000 per room – it is under priced for a reason (bedbugs, need I say more?)
  • Be skeptical of apartment photos; they never appear in person as they do online, and a four bedroom can sometimes mean a single bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom and half living room now turned into a flex wall


  • Chill out on the pink attire if you want to be anything more than a secretary the rest of your life
  • Always fight for your worth. If the job description does not please you, change it; they don’t care what they call you, as long as you can perform
  • Always know you are replaceable; don’t take any position for granted, yet balance a healthy level of confidence
  • Loyalty is not always the direct route towards moving up the corporate ladder – play your cards carefully

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 1.01.08 PM

  • Some relationships teach you how to become a better person, others just teach you how to wash your face
  • A lot of times loneliness can be fixed with a big bear hug
  • Age does not define experience nor maturity
  • In fact, age does not exist in this city.  A 20-year-old can look 30 and a 30-year-old can look 20
  • There is a time to give to and receive from others – never forget that when you are on the lesser end
  • Do not expect anything from anyone.  Yet leave a tiny vulnerable piece ready to extend and retract upon desire, because people should be given the benefit of the doubt despite the bad intentions of your previous encounters
  • The kindness of people will surprise you
  • Don’t hide things to protect people, the truth is always better


  • Always take the stairs over the escalators outside of work …unless you are at Macy’s
  • Never sit all day in the office unless you aim to have secretary’s butt
  • Plan a solo weekend holiday to somewhere outside the USA, whether it is to visit friends that live in another country or meeting new ones
  • Tell your family and friends you love them more – you may not get another chance
  • Embrace the fact that you may never be fully satisfied; accept doubt, fear and sorrow with the knowledge that you will also encounter conviction, trust, and bliss

Goodbye 2014, you have taught me more than enough to welcome 2015 with an open heart and mind.

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